Shanda Biggs - Aspiring Web Developer


web design & development student

Who Am I?

I have a unique perspective on the applications of web development in business because I grew up in a family of entrepreneurs. My parents started multiple small businesses ranging from a small antique store, a large crafters mall, to a multi-state bucket truck inspection and sales company. My brother, sister, and I were expected to participate in each business’s success. This was all back when we still used rotary phones, so creating business web sites was not a concern. My husband and I own a small dental practice in OKC. I hope to take what I learn in this program to impliment online marketing to attract new patients. I recognize that the internet offers a wide range of advantages that, if used appropriately, can help small businesses succeed. When I visit websites I often think of things I would change or add to the site. When I have visitors in my home I want to make sure they are comfortable and entertained during their stay in hopes that when they will look forward to visiting again. I want to use what I learn in this program to entice a similar experience by create websites that are alluring giving the visitor a desire to return.

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